Former Hoima East MP aspirant Miles Rwamiti has trashed singer Sheebah Samali Karungi’s relevance in the music industry saying she is just lucky to have become a star in the local showbiz.

The former Spark TV’s Koona host spoke out his mind during an interview as he disclosed that his next move since he lost the MP race is to open up a music school to teach a number of local artists how to sing and the different voices that he believes artists should learn.

On that note, he dared his interviewer to at least name five artists who are trending at the moment, when the interviewer mentioned Sheebah’s name, Rwamiti was quick to describe her as a mere dancer who is just lucky to have met with Jeff Kiwa and made her a big stage name.

He, therefore, added that before our local artists think of copying and imitating the Nigerians and other artists from different nations, they should first focus on learning a few things from music schools.

He, however, didn’t feed us with information about where the school is going to be located but prayed to God if all goes well, he plans to start the school in the areas Ntinda.

Before we think of copying and imitating the Nigerians, we have to first love and support ourselves. I am going to open up a music school so that I teach our local artists who to sing because most of them don’t know how to.

Artists need to go and learn different voices in music because many of them don’t know. Sheebah is a dancer. Secondly, she has luck, and good enough she crossed path with a blessed opportunity and fell in good hands.

Rwamiti Miles

Solomon Mwesigwa

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