Popular city socialite Bad Black, real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa, is chest thumping about not joining the NRM bloggers during the climaxed 2021 presidential general elections.

Bad Black shared her delight of turning down the request to join the team to campaign for NRM after she landed on an audio clip where the bloggers where attacking each other over payment issues.

Basing on a post on her Facebook page, Bad Black questioned the bloggers’ intelligence and why they accepted to work for the regime on loan.

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She then praised herself for making a smart decision in turning down the opportunity to concentrate on her personal businesses which earned her daily income.

Bad Black also sent out her thoughts to those who lost their lives and others who got injured during the campaign praying for justice to prevail.

After listening to this viral audio Ya ba faded NRM bloggers I was so smart not to join them. How can You be stupid to support a regime on loan?

God is faithful and he brings justice to light. He will sweep you away with the broom of distraction. Never forget everything has its time. For all blood that was shed justice will prevail.

Bad Black

Solomon Mwesigwa

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