The war of words between music critic Jenkins Mukasa and former Hoima East MP contestant Miles Rwamiti still rages on after the former stressing that the latter is still many miles far away from attaining success in politics.

Jenkins Mukasa clapped back at Miles Rwamiti following a lash out where the latter advised the former to go for surgery after mocking him over losing the Hoima East MP race where he garnered a paltry 149 votes on his second attempt in politics.

During an interview with Spark TV, Rwamiti threw shade at Jenkins saying he needs to improve on his feeding diet to cut some weight so that he can develop the right senses to talk about sensible issues that develop the nation.

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Rwamiti’s statements rubbed Jenkins the wrong way as he retaliated, guns blazing, stating that Rwamiti is still many miles away from achieving political success and that he is treading on very risky ground.

He is treading on risky grounds. Miles Rwamiti is still very many miles far away from success. Miles Rwamiti has a very long way in miles to reach his success point. He will never succeed!.

Jenkins Mukasa

He also added that Rwamiti came to the city as a mere caller on radio shows together with Kawempe North MP elect Ssegirinya Muhammad.

Miles was born in Masaka and for that reason he feared to run for the MP seat in Masaka because there are powerful people like Mathias Mpuuga.

Rwamiti came to the city as a radio phone caller but now feels unhappy because his colleague Ssegirinya succeed and now he is an MP.

Rwamiti Miles

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