Bobi Wine’s right hand men Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe reappeared in court on Monday 1st February 2021 with most of their hair missing.

Singer Nubian Li, real name Bukenya Ali, and Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Eddie ‘Mutwe’ Ssebuufu were arrested on December 30th 2020.

Together with 47 other NUP supporters, they were arraigned before the General Court Martial in January 2021 and charged with illegal possession of four rounds of ammunition.

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They reappeared in court on Monday for a bail hearing but it was again pushed for more eight days.

What caught our attention, however, was Nubian Li’s cleanly shaven head and Eddie Mutwe’s cleared beard.

Nubian Li’s trademark has always been his soft voice and shaggy hair. He appeared with a shining scalp looking very different from the Nubian we all know.

Nubian Li (with red mask) makes entry into court (Photo: Daily Monitor)

Eddie Mutwe has also often revealed how he loves his thick beard and it has been his signature look for several years…well, not anymore.

It appears as if the two, and other NUP supporters arrested, were forced to shave their rugged hair and beards while still on Kitalya prison premises.

Eddie Mutwe’s trimmed beard (Photo: Daily Monitor)

It is not clear whether Nubian Li will want to grow that hair again because he looks quite fine and going by his boss’ looks, he might choose the short or no hair trend going forward.

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