Black Market Records singer and Daddy Andre’s fiancée Nina Kakunda alias Nina Roz stunned her followers when disclosed that she first met her father face-to-face when she was in primary seven.

The “Kyoyooyo” singer opened up about her childhood life and growing up knowing someone different as her dad during the ChatRoom show hosted by veteran media personality Karitas Karisimbi on NBS TV.

In the interview, Nina Roz narrated that whenever some of her relatives visited their home, she would eavesdrop them talking about her parents saying that they are still alive yet she was being raised by someone different.

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When she grew up, she pressurized her then “parents” to reveal to her whom her real parents were and while in P.7 she got the opportunity to meet her real dad whom she had been hid from for a while.

Growing up with someone different, I always saw and heard relatives who visited us talk about my parents and how they were both alive but, they never really raised me.

I didn’t meet my Dad until I was in P.7. I grew up knowing a different dad. That was because that’s what my mother used to tell me.

She kept me away from my dad and when I grew up, I demanded to meet my dad because my relatives used to tell me the truth and could always tell me that you’re dad is alive.

The woman who raised me, helped me a lot to locate my dad because she felt it was wrong for me to grow knowing a different dad yet my real dad was alive.

Nina Roz

She went on to explain that when her mother got to know that she had met her real dad, she was very furious about it.

When my mother got to know that I had known by real dad, she felt bad and almost hated everyone who helped me find my dad because she had hid me from the truth.

Nina Roz

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