BobbyJayTV, real name Bob Jacobs – a young USA-based entrepreneur and activist – has so much admiration for the Ugandan fashion industry.

26-year-old BobbyJayTV, is full of inspiration for fellow young entrepreneurs and hopes that Africa can unite for the better future.

We caught up with him and below, he answers a few questions about the Ugandan fashion industry:

● What is your opinion on the progress of Ugandan fashion over the years? Are you impressed or is there so much room for improvement?

Big up to Abryanz and other African designers for taking fashion in Africa to the next level. I’m very impressed, I’m proud of you all.

● Who is your most favorite Ugandan fashionista and why?

As they say, “beauty is in the yes of the beholder.” We can all have different opinions on which designer has the nicest designs. For me it will be Abryanz. I admire his style. He’s unique, classy, and his work is top quality.

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● So many businesses were gravely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. What lessons did you learn when time stood still through the pandemic and what advice would you give to fashionistas going forward?

I know a lot of us are struggling during the pandemic and the best advice I can give anyone looking to elevate their career is to network. I know we are in a pandemic but online networking is even easier. Support people other than yourself, watch videos, read more books about your craft. Due to us being on a lockdown, we now have more time on our hands. Take advantage of that.

BobbyJayTV also advises fellow startup entrepreneurs to invest more in themselves.

Do a lot of research on your career. Criticize yourself and see what you are lacking and what you need to work on for a better version of yourself. Do not seek validation from people was not valid.


● As an established fashionista, what are the unmissable similarities between Ugandan and West African fashion?

I’m a very proud African. I’m always rooting for Africa, I don’t see any differences because we are one. Let us all stick together and make Africa a better place.

● Any plans of spreading your wings to East Africa and Uganda in particular?

I will be in Uganda By the grace of God in two years I’m very excited to be back I cannot wait.

More about BobbyJayTV

At a very young age, BobbyJayTV’s parents decided to flee from war-torn Liberia. BobbyJayTV would later discover he had a wealth of inborn talents in him. He figured the USA was a perfect breeding ground.

One of his significant ground-breakers was when Hampshire’s Senator allowed him to make a motivational speech. The speech targeted the youth with a plan to encourage self-development. That moment of glory marked the beginning of his quest for providing solutions to the day-to-day plights of American immigrants.

He has persevered a fair share of challenges due to his early life. “Where I’m from is so many talented people. My obstacles were lack of support and lack of connections,” he says. He worked day and night to ensure that he traveled to greener pastures.

BobbyJayTV; working in several industries including music, fitness, fashion, and content creation, has mentored many people. He points at determination and sacrifice as key to his success. He strives to be the hardest worker in everything he puts his hands on.

BobbyJayTV is not only an entrepreneur but an activist too. He is fighting against modern-day injustices that have become rampant. Being involved in such injustices since his childhood, he is so sensitive to such calls for change.

The young American based activist of African (Liberian) roots is inspired by South African business magnate, industrial designer and engineer Elon Musk. Also on his long list of influencers is the legendary hip-hop music icon Tupac Shakur.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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