Singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady’s ex-lover and baby maama Prima Kadarshi has finally confirmed that she is dating Galaxy FM’s midmorning show host Arinitwe Henry a.k.a Mr. Henrie.

The mother of two, who parted ways with the Blackman Entertainment boss two years ago, cleared the air about her new relationship with Mr. Henrie while responding to rumors about their reported introduction ceremony that is said to be around the corner.

The 27-year-old however refuted the reports saying she feels it’s not yet right time for any martial ceremony celebrations despite the two being very close reasoning that their still studying and knowing each other in this relationship.

Geosteady, Prima Kardashi and their children Soraya and Solange (faces blurred)

We are not about to introduce each other however much we are too close. We are still in the process of studying and knowing one another as we do business.

Prima Kadarshi

Prima Kadarshi also disclosed how she settled her differences with Geosteady amicably and hence why the two don’t speak ill about each other.

She however revealed that she was shocked when she saw her baby daddy convert to Islam something that she didn’t see coming.

Me and Geosteady we settled our differences in peace and that is why you have never either heard him or me in public speaking ill and negative about each other.

None of us is bitter about each other. Our relationship failed in peace and that is why we communicate to one another like parents and each of us chose to move on to different directions rather than being prisoners of love.

Even though Geosteady hooks up another beautiful woman I will be very happy and congratulate him but I was shocked to see him convert to Islam.

Prima Kadarshi

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