Singer Nina Kakunda alias Nina Roz believes that it is embarrassing and out of context for a woman to publicly claim that she cannot cook and do other related house chores.

The Black Market Records singer gave her opinion while responding to Angella Katatumba’s recent statements where she publicly revealed that she cannot do most house chores and hence why she employs several house helps.

Katatumba made statements while speaking in an interview on Bukedde TV. She stressed that the only food she can cook is rice, something which was taught to her by her American ex-lover.

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Nina Roz believes Katatumba could have made the statements as a way of grabbing news headlines and to spice up her interview but emphasised how such statements are embarrassing to be uttered out by a lady in this day and era.

I find it ashaming and embarrassing for a woman make such statements that she can’t cook or do house chores. There are certain things that you can’t just change and when you even don’t have the authority to change anything. At times you can just talk about it just to grab news headlines and spicing the jazz.

In this day and era, you can’t convince me that there is no woman who doesn’t know how to cook…even the first lady cooks. Who are you?

Nina Roz

She went ahead to caution ladies to cease from making such statements saying that they could mislead the young generation of females.

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