Radio's mansion that he was building for his family before his eventual death.

Producer, singer and longtime friend of Mowzey Radio’s Ebangit David Washington wants Ugandans to contribute monetarily towards the completion of the Goodlyfe Hotel.

February 1st 2021 marked 4 years since Goodlyfe singer Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo a.k.a Mowzey Radio died.

The story about his death is still being told by several people around him and all the several versions have the name Washington in them.

Radio was reported dead on 1st February 2018 after several days in hospital with head injuries sustained in a bar brawl in Entebbe.

Washington, a long serving producer and friend to the Goodlyfe crew, is among the few people who were with Radio in his last moments alive.

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The celebrated producer, singer and songwriter is not pleased with how the fallen singer’s life has been celebrated since his death.

In his own words, Washington believes there is so much pretence showed by Ugandans who pretend to have loved Radio since his death.

The super producer wants Radio’s fans to contribute more to the legacy that he left including monetary fundraising to complete one of the projects he didn’t live long enough to accomplish.

On his personal Facebook account, Washington urged Ugandans to show real love to the fallen singer and contribute $1 each towards the completion of what Radio started – the Goodlyfe Hotel.

Uganda and the world show some true love and complete the Goodlyfe hotel in Entebbe that these hard smart talented Goodlyfe Children of God started building until God handed it over to all their funs to complete.

Every one please contribute $1 towards the completion of the Goodlyfe hotel in Entebbe so that we can stop embarrassing God.

Contributions can be taken to Neverland Makindye. Or contact Weasel who is still alive and kicking.

Uganda stop pretending to love, let’s do these gentlemen a blessing we can all be proud of. And yes, you who is reading what are you waiting for?

$1 only is all it takes. All Tv stations, radios, telecom companies, alcohol makers, we waiting on you to. Let’s celebrate for a reason. It has come to this cause, I realise people are very sober in pretence.

Ebangit David Washington

Washington was one of the witnesses arraigned in court to explain how Radio died. Eventually, a one Godfrey Troy Wamala was judged guilty and sent to prison.

In recent days, however, some of the late Radio’s friends have resurfaced with different versions of stories that point at Washington having had a hand in the singer’s demise.

Take a watch at the interview below as John Miles Boomlocks Coco Banton links Washington to the Radio demise:

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