A couple of few years ago, those who met singer Nina Roz face-to-face can testify that she has hugely changed in appearance and gained body weight.

The “Olumya Bano” singer opened up on why she was thin back then, disclosing how she used to spend more than two or three days without eating anything and having sleep due to the toxic substances that she was consuming on a daily basis.

Speaking to veteran media personality, Karitas Karismbi on the ChatRoom, Nina Roz stated that her appetite for food went down in the evening of 2018 just around the same time she was introduced to the toxic substances that she used to sniff often.

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She further disclosed that in 2019, the situation went from bad to worse. She tried so much to avoid using the substance but could not help herself hence started thinking about ending her life.

Nina Roz also disclosed that the substance was very expensive and she would spend upto Shs1m to purchase it because she found it as her comforter since she didn’t have friends and couldn’t trust anyone in her life.

When I used to consume that deadly substance. The whole of 2019 was a roll coaster to me because that is when I got suicidal thoughts because I was trying to run away from the drug and kind of life I was living. When one day I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror, I was very small.

Very small because I could spend two or three days without eating and sleeping. I could be studio singing, but you could clearly see that someone was losing or passing out and unfortunately, no one could advise me. I couldn’t also blame anyone because no one knew what I was going through.

Nina Roz

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