NTV news anchor Andrew Kyamagero responds to former Nakifuma constituency MP aspirant Patriko Mujuuka’s claims that he is unhappy with him, labels him a sore loser.

Kyamagero branded Patriko Mujuuka a sore loser following a recent interview on Spark TV where the latter publicly revealed how the respect he had for the fellow media personality declined when he underestimated the efforts he had invested in vying for the political seat.

Kyamagero’s analysis before the polls rubbed Mujuuka the wrong way and after losing out, he expressed his discontent saying that he really felt hurt by a person he had much respect for.

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Basing on Kyamagero’s explanation, Mujuuka’s blame game is too weak because he is not strongly grounded ideologically to analyze matters rationally.

For starters, Patriko is my colleague in the media industry and emceeing at functions. What I think that we lack in this nation is an honest conversation. If he came out to claim that he demoted me from the level he was valuing me at, he has his right.

But according to me, I find such reasoning too weak and a feel of wreckage in his innermost frame because he is not grounded strongly ideologically to look at issues and analyze matters rationally rather than sensational or emotional.

If anyone comes out to claim that I contributed to his loss in the elections, whenever one losses an election, you must find a blame game to plug in. And when you find a blame game, you must find whom are you going to hold accountable.

Andrew Kyamagero

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