Former Golden Production singer Carol Nantongo has revealed that despite growing up in a humble background, she always wanted to live like a star.

The singer stated that her mum had a small restaurant but she always avoided vending food to the customers because she never wanted people to see her walking around with food.

She added that sometimes, she would sweet-talk her little siblings and at times surrender her porridge to them just for them to help her execute her role.

We were poor but I always wanted to live like a star. My mum had a small hotel but I always avoided carrying food to customers. Sometimes I would give out the porridge because I never wanted people to see me walking around

Carol Nantongo

She applauded her mum for educating her up to at least senior four amid the challenges that they were facing.

When she excelled, she enrolled for a hairdressing course where she even got inspired to set up a big saloon.

I never believed that I could be a singer. After learning how to plait hair, my dream was to have a big saloon but my friends kept on telling me that I have the talent and I can sing. They kept pushing me.


Speaking about how she joined the music industry, she narrated that at first, her friends who believed in her talent pushed her to go Rated Next competitions.

When she gave it a try in the auditions, she was chased because she was not confident enough. In her defense, she just wasn’t interested in music by then.

My friend pushed me to go for the Rated Next competitions but I was not interested. I remember one time I went for auditions but they chased me because I was not confident enough but he never gave up on me.

Carol Nantongo

The second time, she escorted her friends at the De New Eagles auditions but she had no interest in enrolling and then her friend took her to Gold Production where Catherine Kusasira saw her talent and manager Kavuma gave her the opportunity.

I escorted my friends at De New Eagles but never auditioned because I was not interested. A few weeks later, my friend told me that Golden production was looking for young and talented musicians. I wanted to refuse but my mother forced me to go.

When I reached Golden Production, my friend told me to go and talk to Papa but he just told me that I was still young so did Mayinja and others but my friend insisted that I should wait for Catherine which I did.

When I talked to Catherine Kusasira, she asked me to sing and after that, she immediately told everyone that I knew how to sing. We went back home and the next day Kavuma called me and that is how I started my music journey.

Carol Nantongo

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