Singer Pia Pounds believes that Bobi Wine is the reason why concerts and bars are still closed but artistes are strong together for a bright future’s cause.

Bobi Wine’s involvement in the recently concluded presidential elections inspired several members in the arts industry to take the same road.

Despite Bobi losing to Yoweri Museveni according to the electoral commission results, several musicians were voted into Parliament and other positions of leadership by his influence.

The victories are still being celebrated but what about the other artistes who still look at music as their business?

Bobi Wine

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Bars and other social gatherings including concerts are still banned in Uganda as per MoH’s set COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

According to Pia Pounds, concerts are still selectively banned because of the bold decision Bobi took to challenge the leadership positions.

She believes that because 80% of artistes backed Bobi and his cause, their business has continuously been frustrated by the government without much care.

Pia Pounds

The Tupaate singer, in her birthday message to Bobi Wine, noted that artistes are strong and stand united with hope that the future shall see why they believed in Bobi at the expense of their own livelihood.

80% of us artistes have shown we are behind Bobi Wine and Believe in his gospel of democracy. Some of us have been his fans since we were kids…blame us slow. And it’s for this reason why bars aren’t about to be open, or bivulu for us to work.

Most of us artistes are suffering naye twegumya, we haven’t worked for a year now brooooo. We want to tell our FANS that tuli bagumu nyo, Omussajja FADHA..we are hopeful, suffer now smile later naye no hiding our faces from the truth which is: everybody was created equal, everybody deserves fair and rightful treatment: everybody deserves a chance: everybody can be anyone.

Happy birthday Principle. Tuli bagumu nyo.

Pia Pounds

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