Producer, Singer and Songwriter Ebangit David Washington is fed up of answering questions regarding Mowzey Radio’s death anymore.

Just a few weeks ago, the public commemorated the life of local music legend Mowzey Radio who died after sustaining head injuries following a bar brawl.

Washington’s name has often been mentioned whenever the case of Radio’s death is talked about. The producer was one of the last people who saw Radio alive.

In a recent interview, one of Radio’s close pals accused Washington of even taking the harddisk which contained the singer’s music works.

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Washington believes he is being attacked by badminds who only intend to keep spreading fake news about the scenario.

During an interview on NBS TV’s KURT show on Saturday, the producer was tasked to answer the questions surrounding Radio’s death, something that has forever remained a mystery.

Washington, who was in no mood of listening to what they were set to ask, revealed that he no longer wants to answer any more questions linked to Radio’s death.

He noted that those questions have already been answered and he now wants to be asked about other things regarding music.

I answered those answers already. Let us talk about something else. I only have integrity. I don’t drive hammers, I don’t have the biggest houses, I don’t have all those flashy flashy things you guys like. I have what they call integrity. Let’s talk about music.

Ebangit David Washington

It should be recalled that Washington appeared in the court sessions to give his account during the case hearing regarding Radio’s death where a one Godfrey ‘Troy’ Wamala was sentenced for manslaughter.

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