Former Spark TV Koona presenter Miles Rwamiti believes that band artists seem not proud of their craft as hence the reason why they have done too little to improve their art.

Miles Rwamiti further explained that band music went down because of the artists who have failed to brand themselves properly like other artists in other music genres.

Catherine Kusasira

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He added that artists who sing that kind of music could have reached to the extent now where they feel ashamed of their work because of the less concentration and little time they give their music compared to years ago.

Rwamiti also feels that even the children who are above 15 years old cannot be fans of their parents’ music giving an example of Catherine Kusasira’s daughters who openly revealed how they are not fans of their mom’s music.

Most of the band Musicians are not proud of their craft. I think they reach at a certain moment and feel as if they’re ashamed of their works.

If even their children are not fans of their music. They seem not like their music. They have a challenge that they failed to brand themselves well.

Miles Rwamiti

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