Patrick Musaasizi, better known by stage name Chozen Blood, has revealed that he got depressed when Faridah Walden, with whom he had sung his breakthroughsong ‘Pressure Ya Love’, left him and flew overseas.

According to Chozen Blood, during that time, Faridah Walden was his very good friend and close partner who he always ran to for counseling, comfort, and advice whenever he had challenges in life because she was a radio presenter at Dembe FM and more brilliant than he was.

Faridah Walden’s departure to overseas left Chozen Blood heartbroken and felt lonely for quite a period of time until he also got a chance to fly abroad.

I was depressed when Walden left the country. I missed a friend and a good partner so good enough my charity organization took me abroad as one of the first beneficiaries.

Chozen Blood

Chozen Blood also shared that when he met Bobi Wine at a tender age, at the time when he had just dropped his hit jam Taata W’abaana featuring Juliana, he advised him to first finish school then join music which inspired and encouraged him to push on with his dream.

I got a chance to meet Bobi Wine when he had just released his song “Taata w’abaana” with Juliana.

I was able to talk to him when he came to our village but he told me to first finish my studies. This gave me more courage to push for my dreams.

Chozen Blood

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