For weeks, Ykee Benda and Sophie Gombya have not been the best of friends. The latter claims that the former is bitter because people still refer to her as UMA president.

The Uganda Musicians Association is trying to find a new president after Ykee Benda announced his resignation after just about a year in office.

Upon Ykee Benda’s revelation, rumors started flying around that the UMA former president Sophie Gombya wanted her position back.

Rumors further stated that it is the unspoken reason why Ykee publicly announced that he will not be going on as UMA president.

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During an interview with NBS TV on Saturday, the songstress rubbished those claims. She maintained that she will not be returning as UMA president.

She, however, confessed that there have been misunderstandings between Ykee Benda and herself despite her not holding any grudge against the Mpaka Records CEO.

Sophie Gombya revealed that she believes Ykee is angry at her because the people he leads still refer to her as president.

My misunderstandings with Ykee Benda roots from the fact that people still call me the President of UMA, yet they don’t recognize him. But it’s not my fault.

Sophie Gombya

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