Zari Hassan is aware of all the “it will end in tears” remarks being made about her new relationship with King Stallion but she is unbothered.

Since Valentine’s Day, South Africa based Ugandan socialite, businesswoman and influencer Zari Hassan has been showing off her new bae known as King Stallion.

In a series on social media posts, she has made her love for King Stallion known to the world and how she plans a great future with him.

Valentine’s Day marked three years since she broke up with Diamond Platnumz. Her relationship with the singer seemed the most stable since the one with her late husband Ivan Semwanga (RIP).

She has since been through a couple of relationships which have ended in tears. But what about the new one?

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Well, fans believe it only goes one way for the former singer. “It will end in tears,” has been a statement Zari has often seen on most of her social media posts.

Is she bothered? Or should her haters be? She believes not.

Through her Instagram stories, the mother of five left a haunting message for her haters on Sunday evening.

Zari shared a meme with the writing, “Even if it ends in tears, are they your tears?” She went ahead and left a caption:

We will have an after tears party. People surely love misery, you simply hate seeing others happy. Well, it’s all good with me.

Zari Hassan

Not much has been revealed of King Stallion and he seems a more reserved suitor in comparison to the past men Zari has been with.

Maybe, just maybe, this one won’t end in tears. If it does, nonetheless, we’ll have a party. Stay on the watch.

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