Mrs. Sylvia Namutebi Allibhai was plunged into a few days of uncertainty when the internet was shutdown in Uganda. For a moment, she thought her dream of representing her country at the Mrs. World pageant was over.

Mrs. Sylvia Namutebi Allibhai will be representing Uganda at Mrs. World Pageant happening this year in Sri Lanka.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the pageant for the first time since its inception held virtual nominations to identify candidates that would best represent their respective nations at this international affair.

For almost a week I had no communication with the (Mrs. World) pageant. They actually thought I had quit. I could not send an email, I could not send a WhatsApp. I went into total silence.

Mrs. Sylvia Namutebi Allibhai

These candidates, including our very own Mrs. Sylvia Namutebi Allibhai were later on unveiled on the pageant’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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It is an opportunity she has welcomed with both hands but at one moment, she thought it would pass her by because of the internet shutdown in Uganda.

Internet was completely shutdown in the +256 on 13th January 2020 for four days as Ugandans went to the ballot.

Sylvia, during a press conference held on Monday, revealed that she lost contact with the Mrs. World pageant representatives for all those days and they were the longest days of her recent life.

She remembers being very uncertain about what would eventually come of her dream to become the next Mrs. World Uganda.

The challenge I had were the restrictions on social media that we had in January. I got announced that I had been nominated in December and in January we had an internet shutdown.

For almost a week I had no communication with the pageant. They actually thought I had quit. I could not send an email, I could not send a WhatsApp. I went into total silence. They didn’t know what was going on.

A week later, when we got on the VPNs, the emails were open and I was able to reach out to them and explained how we had a situation in the country government saw it necessary to shutdown internet.

We are still having those challenges since not all the communication channels are fully functional but am now glad that situations are calm now in Uganda.

Mrs. Sylvia Namutebi Allibhai

About Mrs. Sylvia Namutebi Allibhai

Mrs. Sylvia Wilson Namutebi Alibhai reigned as Miss Uganda in 2011 which led her to represent Uganda at the Miss World Pageant in the same year.

She was instrumental in reviving the Miss Uganda Pageant as the Miss Uganda Project coordinator for the years 2018 and 2019 during which she cemented her portfolio in the pageantry world.

She has since dedicated her life to working with different charity causes around the country as well as working with the Miss Uganda Foundation where she pioneered the project to eradicate Jiggers from the Busoga region of Uganda in 2012.

Mrs. Sylvia is a marketing and business strategist by profession and runs a private consultancy. She has background in Human Resource Management and International Business. She is also a Director of the Special Events Talent Africa Group.

Mrs. Sylvia has worked with children living with disabilities, families affected by the HIV pandemic and recently started the Smile With Sly; a project aimed at helping single mothers and young people affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The project also aims at raising awareness geared towards safe motherhood in marginalised communities of Uganda in partnership with the Talent Africa Foundation where she is a director.

Mrs. Sylvia chose pageantry because it gives her a platform to impact the change she’d like to see in society. She looks forward to serving as Mrs. Uganda 2021.

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