Azawi lost the dreads and settled for a fresh look with short hair but fellow singer and songwriter Nince Henry warns that she will soon miss them.

Nince Henry is one of the most renown singers and songwriters from the near past. His music and unique lyricsm made him a reputable brand.

As a younger artiste, Nince Henry broke onto the music scene with a nutty look, with dreads which he kept for several years.

He, however, lost them along the way to settle for shorter hair but it is one of the decisions he wishes he didn’t make. He has since grown them back.

Nince Henry

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Through Twitter, the Cinderella singer told Azawi to keep the dreads which she chopped off her head because she might need to refix them soon.

Azawi I can imagine how light and free you feel after cutting off the dreads but you better keep them safe because pretty soon you will miss them. I did and I had to grow them back.

Nince Henry

Azawi, in response, showed little concern as she noted how she is capable of growing the dreads again if she ever starts to miss them.

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