Acting Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu has openly told the association members to stop thinking that the platform is a charity organization for its hungry and always needy members.

The straight forward singer spoke her mind during an interview on NBS TV After 5 show on Monday as she explained how several artistes are too hungry and that if their leaders don’t show up with food they will not listen to the plans they have for the association.

In her submission, Cindy stressed how UMA is not a relief center or charity organization for hungry artistes adding that if she is elected as the next president in the forthcoming elections, artistes should not expect food from her.

Ykee Benda and Cindy Sanyu at the swearing in UMA ceremony.

Artistes are so hungry that if you don’t show up as ‘bread’ they won’t listen to you. But the truth is that Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) is not a relief or charity organization. I don’t want them to expect that I will give them food.

Cindy Sanyu

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The Nkoye Obufumbo singer went on to reveal that part of her plan is to end the act of being beggars to the government because the government cannot give the music industry enough money but the best thing they can do is give power to the industry through copyright implementation.

There’s not enough money that the government can give to the music industry. The best it can do is to give power to this industry, and this can be through things like copyright implementation.

Cindy Sanyu

She furthermore promised to work diligently for the association if voted in office even though their will be some members who won’t like her as their president asserting that it is impossible to impress everyone.

“I’ll still work even if there are some Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) members who won’t like me as their President. Truth is, it’s impossible to impress everyone,” Cindy added.

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