Singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone is one of the few politicians who is not counting losses following his defeat in the recently climaxed Kampala Lord Mayoral race that was won by Ssalongo Erias Lukwago.

Speaking in an interview, the Baliwa singer denied choking on debts as a result of financing his political campaigns contrary to the reports that were being spread.

He narrated that most of the items he used in the campaigns were given to him free of charge.

When asked whether he felt betrayed by the people of Kampala for not having voted him into office, he noted that he wasn’t betrayed at all. He rather accused Erias Lukwago and his team of being cheats.

Chameleone went ahead and reasoned that Kampala Lord Mayoral-elect Ssalongo Erias Lukwago is wrongly occupying his seat because he cheated.

Chameleone added that he was instead given Lukwago’s votes and his were given to Lukwago confidently reasoning that he beat him hands down.

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I don’t feel betrayed by the people of Kampala because they voted for me. The only problem is that the other guys cheated votes.

Erias Lukwago also clearly knows that he is occupying my seat. They intermixed our votes. They gave me his votes and mine were given to him.

Jose Chameleone

A few weeks back, Jose Chameleone’s mother Prossy Mayanja came out and linked her son’s defeat in the Kampala Lord Mayoral race to Bobi Wine for denying him the chance to run the race on the National Unity Platform card.

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