Renown local rapper Jim Nola MC Abedunego raised alarm about how his life is in danger and he is being hunted by police for making songs against the regime.

For about two years now, rapper Jim Nola MC has been making songs with messages talking against the atrocities of the regime.

On Wednesday, the ‘Kabulengane Police’ singer through his Facebook page revealed that his life is in danger with police and other security personnel hunting him down.

Jim Nola explained how some of these security operatives keep asking people about his whereabouts pretending to be musc managers who want to sign him up.

Jim Nola MC has a chat with his friend, also 2021 presidential candidate, Bobi Wine

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The rapper noted that his photo was pinned on the noticeboards of police stations around Kawempe but he emphasizes that he is not a criminal.

Jim Nola MC is in hiding and he explains how he has ran out of money and is soon running out of food for his wife and two pet dogs.

MY LIFE IS IN DANGER. Since the 16th of January my life has never been the same, i am hunted by Police and other agencies in non uniform. They keep on asking people whether they know where I stay.

My Photo was pinned on Police boards of police stations around Kawempe including KAWEMPE police station its self. I wonder why AM WANTED when am not a criminal.

Yesterday they came where they think i stay and spent the all day waiting to arrest me, they asked some chapati guy whether he knows my home and he denied knowing. Earlier on they wanted to trap me in a way that they pretended to be some music management group wanting to sign me up but I didn’t fall for that.

Am fed up of hiding like this is not my country. I was forced to switch off all of my business phone numbers and i put my Social media platforms at rest. I no longer work for its not safe for me to move around. I am out of wallet and I am soon running out of food for me my wife and my two dog pets. All my people are in great fear. I NEED BACK MY FREEDOM.

Jim Nola MC

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  1. I really love Your Updates
    #Freedom Is Needed To Our People as long as they are Ugandans
    I support Jim Nola Mc #I Am Not A Criminal, If all his message in his music is right does gov’t think it is all Ugandans deserve in Our Own Country, They Better style up and
    We are really so much Touched by the story

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