Celebrated rapper Daniel Kigozi alias Navio has for the first time shared a brief history of his early life with popular Luga-Flow storyteller GNL Zamba revealing that he paid for his first hit jam titled “Soda Jinjale”.

Navio opened up about his past life and journey in the music industry with GNL Zamba as he was responding to a question of whether there’s any bad blood between them.

Basing on his response, Navio stated that he has never had a real problem with GNL Zamba and that he has always regarded their competition in Hip-Hop as a friendly battle.

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The “Njogereza” rapper, however, went a notch higher and spilled a few deep secrets of their past, disclosing how GNL Zamba has been battling with the frustration of living under his shadow.

Navio furthermore exposed GNL Zamba when he revealed that he used to foot the bills of Luga-flow storyteller’s personal stuff, studio time, among many other things that he kept to himself.

On my side have never had a real problem with GNL Zamba. It’s always been a friendly competition in my view. And even in the earlier days, I never mentioned him on TV. He was the first one who mentioned me.

I never knew there was any problem but I think living in someone’s shadow frustration mounted upon him. I never had any problem with him. I paid for ‘Soda Jinjale’ and his other personal stuff plus his studio time. So you know, I am one of his sponsors and I have no problem with him and his crew.

His return only makes HipHop stronger, we welcome him back home.


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