Radio Simba presenters Bizonto have pointed fingers at Salt Media proprietor pastor Aloysius Bugingo accusing him of plotting their arrest.

The popular comedy group accused Pastor Bugingo of doctoring their arrest after the group were on Friday 5th, March raided at Butoko-based Radio Simba and arrested for skipping bail for a case in which they were charged over promoting sectarianism.

Last year in July, Bizonto were arrested for allegedly making and publishing a video containing information that was likely to cause discontent among the citizens of Uganda against the Banyankole tribe.

The arrested who included Sserwanja Julius a.k.a Kidomoole, Gold Ki-Matono alias Opeto, and Maliseeri were swiftly sped off to Buganda Road Court for their case hearing which took place at 3 pm.

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The comedians were later released on bail and immediately conducted TV interviews where they accused pastor Bugingo of engineering their arrest reasoning that it all arose from a video skit that they acted about him.

In a way to confirm that pastor Bugingo was behind their arrest, they hinted that on Wednesday, the Salt Media CEO through his lawyers contacted Bizonto lawyers warning them of a possible arrest very soon.

When the arrest took place yesterday, they immediately pinned pastor Bugingo for being the main man for their appearing at Buganda Road Court as they maintained that there is no comedian behind their arrest.

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