Everyone has a story of how they were tricked to fall in love in there adolescent stage. For singer Chosen Becky, chips did the trick.

Chosen Becky will never forget Kimera David in her entire life. He is the man she first fell for while in her primary seven.

She reveals how Kimera tricked her with chips during a kadanke at school because of the not-so-good situation that was at their home.

Since they were about to sit for their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), their affair didn’t last long as she called it off in order not to get distracted from her exams.

When she progressed to high school, she again fell for a married man who doubled as the school photographer. He made her pregnant and she ended up dropping out of school.

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Thereafter, the man rented a house for her but later dumped her, leaving her mum with the burden of taking care of her and her baby.

Chosen Becky narrated how she was so naive. She did not even know how to take good care of her baby.

She remembers once taking a full week without bathing her child thinking that her baby was clean because he was always inside the house.

As a result, the baby cried a lot for two good days and even failed to sleep until she paid a visit to her mom who bathed baby and it put him to sleep.

Chosen Becky goes on to reveal that she is proud of her mom for the efforts she invested in her upbringing.

The singer also encourages young girls not to disappoint their parents and to also always protect themselves from early pregnancies.

I got my first kid from a married man, I was too young by then and I got pregnant the first time I slept with him. By then I didn’t know about family planning methods.

When mummy got to know about it she cried asking me what I had done to her and for I didn’t know I was pregnant yet.

The man rented a rental for me but later dumped me. My mother started taking care of me and my baby, she was a poor woman who used to go pick matooke on the roadside to feed us.

I don’t regret giving birth at an early age but my request to you girls out there is to stop letting your parents down. Stop disappointing them, they go through a lot to raise us, stop early pregnancies, concentrate on your books and make your parents proud of you, they have a lot of hope in you so they expect a lot from you.

Chosen Becky

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