During the Women’s Day celebration, city model Judith Heard, singers Spice Diana, and Karole Kasita carried out a women sensitization program in the areas of Entebbe.

The sensitization was all about empowering women. They carried out community work, tested for HIV, and also preached against rape and gender inequality.

While explaining how they each spent their day, singer Karole Kasita was asked whether she also had q HIV/AIDS test. She said, “No!”

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The ‘Balance’ singer revealed that she found no need of testing because she usually does not have live sex as she always uses rubber (condoms).

She went ahead to note that she would only take the HIV test if she frequently has unprotected sex.

There is no need for me to go and test myself because I always don’t have live sex. I always use rubber. So if I always have safe sex then why would I test myself.

Karole Kasita
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