Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black is a proud mother of four but her target is eight and she plans to achieve it before she can call it a day, settle down and raise her children.

Today, saying that you want more than three or four children raises eyebrows and becomes a topic of discussion with the question of if you are financially able to provide for the kids popping up.

Ugandan socialite Bad Black fancies a big happy family with eight children and she does not believe in double checking her finances before deciding to give birth.

During an interview with NBS TV, the controversial socialite revealed that she believes giving birth is a choice that people make and the mentality that someone needs to be financially fit to give birth is a weak one.

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She gives an example of her mother who was financially struggling but still managed to raise her and her siblings.

Bad Black also revealed that she plans to have four more children before she can say goodbye to the maternity wards.

Giving birth is a choice. I don’t believe in the mentality that someone needs to have a rich man in order to produce or first get into her comfortable financial place. I take example of my mother who birthed us even when she was very poor and struggling in life. I currently have four kids and I need eight kids.

Bad Black

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