John Blaq adds his deep voice to David Lutalo’s soft and melodious touch to create a new love song dubbed ‘Tokutula’.

“Tokutula” is a Luganda word translated to mean “You Don’t Decide” (in this particular context of the song).

The audio was produced by the talented Diggy Baur who has actually been part of various hit songs in this year.

Both artistes compliment each other’s singing styles to create sweet melody that several local music lovers will easily fall in love with.

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As usual, David Lutalo shows off his vast songwriting skills, precise lyricsm and vocal ability in his trademark music style.

Eargasm? Maybe not, but this song doesn’t fall far off the mark and as known of John Blaq’s past projects; the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you.

The visuals are as well simply done by Aaronaire who has never lacked in coloring. The script is also interesting to watch. Take a gaze:

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