Taking notes from singer Chosen Becky, Hanson Baliruno claimed that he was told that he looks like the late pop star Michael Jackson.

The Stars Empire singer who couldn’t hide his excitement took to his gallery and collaged a photo of himself and Michael Jackson which he latet shared on his Facebook page.

Hanson Baliruno then captioned the photos saying apart from resembling Michael Jackson physically, their dress code is also the same.

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His claim sparked mixed reactions among his followers as some roasted him over his statement. Others agreed and backed him up.

This comes just a day after Chosen Becky revealing how she is starting to resemble Ugandan South Africa-based socialite Zari Hassan.

The songstress also received a criticism from fans on different social media platforms as they watered down her remarks.

Chosen Becky has Hanson Baliruno have a collaboration together which they have been immensely promoting in recent weeks.

Could this be their strategy to remain the talk of town and thereafter promote their project further?

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