Veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Lord Fred Sebatta has revealed that he is battling prostate cancer and diabetes.

The “Dole y’omwana'” singer opened up about his health status while appearing on Spark TV’s Mwasuze Mutya show with Faridah Nakazibwe where he shared his childhood life story and how he joined the music industry.

Lord Fred Sebatta narrated that when his dad ran out of funds to facilitate his education, he decided to become a teacher to fellow students because he was academically brilliant than most of them.

His teaching career was, however, short-lived when the headmaster wanted to punish him like the rest of the students which forced him to ditch teaching.

He added that before officially joining music as a profession, he used to sing at school but looked at it as a punishment that he did not love at all.

Later on, he found fortune in the work that he had despised most of his time, and surprisingly, he became a star and a household name on the local music scene.

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After enjoying success for some years, his music career started to hit dead end around 2003 when thugs robbed him of his musical equipment from a truck.

From that moment, he started acquiring loans having plans that if the concerts he was planning soldout, he would payback the money he had borrowed.

Unfortunately, he got sick in the process as his debts only continued accumulating.

My downfall started in 2003 when someone stole all our equipment’s from a truck that we had parked at a fueling station.

from then, I started getting loans and unfortunately got sick in the process, and my debts accumulated.

Fred Sebatta

Sebatta’s life became a lot more difficult and harder to the extent that he lost most of his property to money lenders in trying to clear off his debts.

The singer requests General Salim Saleh to buy all his songs and take all the rights such that he can get money to pay off all the debts that he is choking on and also get treatment.

I want General Salim Saleh to buy all my songs and take all the rights such that I can get money to pay off all my debts and get treatment as well.

Fred Sebatta

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