MC Kats’ new catch Caroline Marcah has given her view about the stigmatization sentiments that Flavia Mawagi made about their reported love affair.

Speaking in an interview with Luzze Andrew Anderson, Caroline Marcah stressed that she was surprised when she was asked by her friends to pull down Flavia Mawagi’s artwork from her social media platforms after watching her stigmatize the pair.

Since she was not watching the show live while on holiday in Jinja, Caroline Marcah didn’t bother about the allegations.

A few days later though, she took time and watched the video clip. She found it disgusting and switched it off halfway.

When asked to give a comment about the stigmatization remarks, Marcah advised everyone not to always stigmatize HIV/AIDS victims.

If she decided to do that, that’s her. Yeah… that’s her. Talking about stigmatization, these people should learn that these people have hearts. They have lives and their own stories. There is no one who gets HIV willingly.

Caroline Marcah

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She added that you could be attacking one person with the stigma but yet you’re harming a lot more people out there who are in the same situation.

Marcah also opened up about her failed relationship with the father of her baby boy. She noted that she can never get back with him at whatever cost depending on the circumstances that she made her go through.

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