Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi Samali has no sympathy for anyone’s son who dares to rape the girl child.

According to one of her posts on Instagram, the singer warns every man who has ill intentions or thoughts of raping the girl child to stand warned as parents will teach their daughters how to “Kill”.

Sheebah who is known for strong feminism spoke out her mind after sharing a photo of females holding placards with the question: “Why do women know another woman that was raped but no man knows a rapist?”

The wordings on the placard had Sheebah warning parents to teach their sons not to rape women or risk being killed.

Teach Your Sons NOT TO RAPE or We Will Teach Our Daughters How To KILL”


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Sheebah’s sentiments elicited mixed reactions among her followers as they each expressed their opinions, with some of the ladies backing up her view.

Her former crewmate and songwriter Alvin Kizz advised that parents should not teach their daughters how to kill but teach them how to speak up.

My darling, Don’t teach your daughters how to kill. Teach them how to speak! My opinion.

Alvin Kizz

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