Recently, singer, MC, and NTV T-Nation presenter, Crysto Panda, born Kityamuweesi Herbert, took to his Twitter account and claimed that he will be the first Ugandan artist to bring home a Grammy.

His dream and wish saw a number of his followers and a section of critics pour cold water on his positive feelings saying that he needs to improve on a lot of things to up his musical game in order to start thinking about winning Uganda her first Grammy.

While responding to his critics in an interview, the “Kyoyina Omanya” singer boldly told whoever cared to listen and doesn’t believe in his dreams to go and hang.

He maintained that he made the statement because he strongly believes in himself and he is hopeful that his talent can take him places and also soar to great heights.

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Crysto Panda further challenged those doubting him to prove to the public by showing them what they have done because at the moment he needs no introduction as his deeds are self explanatory.

I made that statement because I believe in myself. So if I claim that am currently the best and hottest artist right now and you feel bad, go and hang or just keep quiet.

For those who say that I can’t, what do you have to show or prove to the public because me I can at least prove with my music then what about you who just talks?

Crysto Panda

He also opened up about his nearly to be completed home that is currently under construction, saying that when everything is done, he will feel free to unveil it to the public at the right time.

Crysto Panda, however, remained tight-lipped about the contract he signed with Swangz Avenue a few days ago, stating that they were asked not to reveal anything to the public.

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