Looks like it has become a trend or norm for local artists to default payment of goods and services they acquire.

A few days ago, singers, Chosen Becky and Catherine Kusasira were making news headlines, the former for failing to perform at an event that she was paid and booked to perform at.

Catherine Kusasira was also put on the spot for failing to pay for hairdressing services that were rendered to her by a hairdresser during her “Tears of A Woman concert” in 2019 at Kampala Serena Hotel worth Shs300,000.

The fresh culprit is Firebase crew singer and “Nalinda” fame star, Zex Bilangilangi who is being accused of failing to pay for shoes he wore during a television interview worth Shs350,000.

According to the accuser who has known Zex Bilangilangi since 2012, the singer took the shoes last month (February) and promised to pay later.

However, when seen on TV bragging about how his girlfriend had gifted him with a nice-looking pair of shoes, the defaulted lost his cool and demanded payment.

Zex was put under pressure to pay for the shoes and since he was taking too long to foot the payment, the owner chose to go to the media and let his fans know about Zex’s other side of life they don’t.

She even accused Zex Bilangilangi of begging her for some when she had gone to his place to demand the payment of his shoes.

Last month Zex Bilangilangi ordered for shoes but he didn’t clear his payments. When my boss saw him on a TV interview bragging that the pair of shoes was gifted to him by his girlfriend, he got furious and demanded that I collect the money for the shoes I had delivered to him.

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