Comedian Samuel Okanya a.k.a Sammy was on the receiving end of stern threats from singer Big Eye who warned him against disrespecting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Sammy is a comedian, the other half of the Da Mighty Family duo, and has for over a year proclaimed himself as a People Power diehard and Bobi Wine supporter.

Big Eye on the other hand has also always confessed his admiration for President Museveni and has no kind words for anyone that opposes his rule.

In Sunday, through Facebook, Big Eye threatened to cause harm on Sammy for what he termed as disrespect of the president.


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I feel so mad about this guy called SAM of Mighty family the comedian. Ni**a hide your self and make sure i don’t find you anywhere. We are not going to handle everything gently however much I wanna be respected.

Put Respect on our country president HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s name. He deserves enough respect. We don’t force you to support him but don’t go beyond limits. He is a country president (Uganda), Father, Grand father, Number one principal in Uganda and elder.

If you feel you are powerful enough just tell me your location i come straight away. We are not going to tolerate every nonsense on our president because we want to keep a good image.

Big Eye

Big Eye later edited the post and removed the harsh threats but several followers had already cautioned him on being careful about the threats he sends out.

Big Eye and president Museveni

It is not exactly clear what Sam said or did on this occasion that according to Big Eye was interpreted as disrespect of the president.

Sam has, however, on several occasions appeared in short videos spread on social media attacking the regime in power as he urges support for the People Power movement.

The mixed reactions in the comments section on Big Eye’s Facebook post had several people asking the singer not to dare touch the comedian and to stop threatening him because he has freedom of speech.

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