Joweria Kalungi Nannozi a.k.a Sasha Brighton has disclosed that becoming a musician was not initially her dream when growing up.

The “So Lucky” singer reveals that she always wanted to be a TV presenter because she admired media personalities very much.

She also hoped that if she had not achieve her dream of being a TV presenter, she would at least become to be a Nigerian actress.

As a child, Sasha Brighton revealed, she watched several movies from Nollywood in her free time during holidays.

I used to sing but becoming a musician was not my dream, I always wanted to be a TV presenter or a Nigerian actress because I overwatched their movies – Sasha Brighton.

Sasha Brighton

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However, because of lack of school fees, her education faced a lot of challenges and hence her decision to try out music.

Her journey to join music started when she heard a radio advert calling youths for auditions, she jumped onto the trail.

On first attempt, she failed the auditions but luckily when they re-auditioned those who had failed, Irene Namatovu chose her and enrolled her into Eagles Production Band.

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