Over the weekend, Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema added a year onto her age and was treated to a bus cruise birthday bash in Western Uganda along with other family members and a few close friends.

During the celebrations, Bebe Cool yet again poured his heart out for the love of his life expressing that ever since Zuena came into his life, she became the second best thing to have ever happened to his life.

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Bebe Cool stressed that the first 10 years he spent with Zuena, he found a blessing to his life and after spending 15 years together, he now truly appreciates his baby mama for being supportive in his life and development.

She just made 18. My born Allan means she has just made eight months. Before I met you I thought my mother was the best thing to have ever happened to my life.

But when I met you and spent 10 years everything started to change. And when we made 15 years, I now appreciate that you’re the best thing to have happened to my life after my mum.

Bebe Cool

Happy belated birthday Zuena Kirema!

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