One of Bad Black’s biggest dreams is to walk along the streets of Uganda and see bleached skins. Only then will she feel contented.

Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black is one of the many female celebrities who have bleached their skins to have a lighter skin complexion.

Unlike the rest who deny the fact, Bad Black is proud of bleaching her skin and she even urges many other females to follow her lead.

In March, Bad Black and her soon to be husband Asha Panda opened up a new online beauty products company which supplies beauty products across the world.

The Bad Black And Asha Panda Beauty Company is already supplying bleaching soaps, creams and vaseline to clients across the world.

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During a Facebook live video on Tuesday evening, Bad Black revealed that she is now concentrating on that business and she has no plans of going abroad soon.

She plans to sell the beauty products and hopes that one day every Ugandan shall have used her bleaching creams.

My dream is not to go to America. I don’t want to go there seeking for help. Even Magufuli died because he refused to ask for foreign help so I don’t want to go to America. My dream is to sell my bleaching creams, to bleach all Ugandans, the entire Uganda.

Bad Black

Bad Black uses her social media pages, especially Snapchat, to advertise her beauty products company.

Not the worst dream if you asked me but is it achievable? Time will tell.

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