The war of words between two top local comedians MC Kapale and Mariachi seems to be many miles far from over.

This is after MC Kapale openly disclosed how he will never forgive Mariachi in his entire life unless he apologizes to him with two cows and four chickens in relation to what he did to him.

MC Kapale spoke out his heart while responding to a question as to why he was a no show at Mariachi’s dad’s burial ceremony on Tuesday that his fellow comedians attended.

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There is nothing to solve between me and Mariachi. He has his own property and I also have my own. We are not even brothers. I introduced him to the comedy industry and when he achieved his goal, he pulled away the ladder.

Since he cut the ties between me and him, it is his obligation now to look for me and apologize to me but not me to look for him.

I’m his father in this comedy industry and he has to look for me and apologize. He should also come along with two cows and four chickens and if he fails to apologize I will never forgive until I die.

MC Kapale

MC Kapale added that his not attending MC Mariachi’s father’s funeral was an act of revenge because when his mother passed on, Mariachi didn’t attend either so he wanted him to feel how it hurts.

When my mother passed on, Mariachi didn’t attend her burial and I also had to revenge on him by not attending his father’s burial so that he could also feel how it hurts.

MC Kapale

Kapale took the hatred to another level when he said that he will attend Mariachi’s burial to confirm his death and if he dies before him, his ghost will attend.

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