Recently, veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Lord Fred Sebatta pleaded to Gen. Salim Saleh to buy all his music rights so that he could at least afford some money to clear off his debts and also foot his medical bills for diabetes and prostate cancer treatment.

Lord Fred Sebatta’s request seems to have been answered if we are to go by the information we are receiving on our desk.

According to updates coming through, 80% of Kadongo Kamu artists have so far sold off all their music rights to the UgaTunes App which is owned by an army General whose names are still withheld.

It is reported that artists like Willy Mukabya among others have bagged huge sums of money amounting to Shs500M in their music albums and no longer own rights to their music.

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More information coming in reveals that Gravity Omutujju also sold off his music rights to the UgaTunes App and can no longer collect any royalties from it unless if permitted by the owner of the App.

It is further reported that Mesach Semakula is the only person who has so far intercepted the General’s move to buy off the late Paul Kafeero’s songs from his heir and it is rumored that they are still in tense talks about the matter.

Rumors also have it that Bebe Cool was persuaded to surrender his old music albums to UgaTunes App but only agreed to sell each at Shs500m which the owners found too expensive.

Reliable information indicates that when abn artiste sells off his music royalties to the UgaTunes App, they won’t be allowed to perform without permission from their bosses.

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