Bebe Cool and Allan Hendrick

Bebe Cool’s eldest son Allan Hendrick is not very happy with how his father always leaks information about him that he would rather have kept private.

Privacy is such a treasure to most celebrities but what happens if family is always leaking information that you would rather have kept private?

Allan Hendrick a.k.a Paper Daddy became a father to a bouncing baby a few months ago.

Despite wanting to keep that information away from media, his father Bebe Cool couldn’t keep a lid on it as he shared the good news on social media.

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While on an interview with Spark TV, Allan Hendrick revealed how his father was not supported to share such information with the public.

He, however, notes that Bebe Cool did it out of too much joy and excitement.

My dad let it out but he wasn’t supposed to but it was because he was happy. I always have my plans going on but I love to keep my life private, anything that doesn’t have to do with fans, music, and friends I keep it to myself.

Allan Hendrick

Hendrick also noted how it makes him proud being a father to someone and how it has made him a man.

“I feel so proud to be a father and I now see what it means to be a man. I am no longer the pepper Daddy you used to know,” he said.

The mother of the child has not been revealed yet but the singer insists that she is part of his life that he wants to keep private and away from the media.

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