Annet Nandujja

During Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi’s 66th birthday celebrations at Lubiri Mengo, veteran musician Annet Nandujja was one of the few people who were rewarded by the King of the Buganda Kingdom for their good deeds.

Annet Nandujja was rewarded by the Kabaka for promoting the Buganda Culture through music and the elated singer expressed her joy through a series of interviews where she bragged about having inspired a lot of artists to always blend traditional instruments in their music.

While giving fellow artists advice on how they can also get recognized by the Kabaka of Buganda on public events like his birthday, Nandujju cautioned artists to desist from composing and singing vulgar lyrics in there songs.

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She went on to tip them on how they should always blend traditional instruments in their music and also advised them about the styles of dance that are fit to be used in their music videos.

I have really worked hard for this award because you the youths didn’t love local and traditional instruments in your music but I’ve inspired a whole generation to love traditional instruments.

Most of them started using traditional instruments in their music because of me and some of them can testify to this.

At the moment, each artist is working so hard to at least compose a song that has traditional instruments because of me.

Even though I retire from doing music, I call upon artists to keep on promoting our traditional and also sing sensible content while using them.

Annet Nandujja

Congratulations Annet Nandujja!

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