Singer Annet Nandujja shared her life story revealing how she got pregnant at a tender age and was forced to leave home for some time before she came to Kampala.

During the Mwasuze Mutya show on Spark TV with Faridah Nakazibwe, Annet Nandujja stressed that she first got pregnant at the age of 15.

When her mom found out that she was heavy, she embarked on caning her almost every day something that forced her to flee from home to her aunts’ place, a journey she trekked for three good days.

After giving birth and when her baby had turned a year, her mother brought her to Kampala where she got a job as a house-help in Makerere where she worked for six months without getting paid.

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She added that she was always overworked and would sleep late at around 2:00 am.

When I gave birth and the baby made a year, my mum brought me to Kampala. I got a job as a housegirl in Makerere and started cooking. I worked for 6 months but I was never paid yet I was overworked and would sleep at around 2:00 am.

Annet Nandujja

Nandujju opted to quit the job when her boss’ husband started hitting on her. When she left her work place, she was connected to a job at National Insurance Corporation Limited (NIC) as a tea girl.

While at the job, she met her ex-husband who worked there as an accountant by then unfortunately, the brokeup.

I left the house girl job in Makerere because the boss’ husband was hitting on me. Later on, I got a job at National Insurance Corporation Limited (NIC) as a tea girl and that’s how I met my ex-husband who worked there as an accountant at that time.

Annet Nandujja

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