Irene Ntale

Ugandan musician Irene Ntale can’t believe she is single despite the fact that she is “a beautiful lady”.

The singer has recently been sharing a few photos of her fit physique after working in gym to be less curvy.

She seems to be in the best space possible and the only thing remaining could possibly be a man to complete her love life.

Through a post on twitter, the “Every Way” singer revealed how she’s been spending the cold nights alone.

“Please please, a beautiful lady like me single!! Ah ah! What could be the problem Face with tears of joy @SheilahGashumba come here!!” she wrote.

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Socialite Shielah Gashumba who has just broken up with her boyfriend God’s Plan replied;

“Money is our soul mate Babygirl @Irenentale money can locate us but men can’t.”

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