Stand-up comedian, MC Kapale is one of the many critics who think singer Rema Namakula’s relationship with her husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya won’t last long.

The comedian who is known for always rubbing people the wrong way threw shade towards the celebrity couple saying that as soon as they return from Dubai, where they are currently celebrating Rema’s birthday, they will break up.

While speaking in an interview, MC Kapale trolled the celebrity couple as he branded their love life as fake and disgusting.

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He also added that Rema chose to fall in love with Dr. Hamza Ssebunya for just showbiz and also hurt her ex-lover Eddy Kenzo since he wasn’t doing what she desired.

MC Kapale went on to question why the two are not respecting the holy month of Ramadan yet they are Muslims saying that they are ashaming the Islamic religion.

I have never admired their couple at all and it doesn’t inspire me in any way. In fact, their relationship will end in tears. As soon as they will return from Dubai they will break up. The sun is going to heat Dr. Ssebunya direct in the head and he will end up battering Rema which will cause their break up.

Their love affair is just for showbiz and Rema did it just to show off that she was on-demand and to hurt Eddy Kenzo.

MC Kapale

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  1. Why are u so sure after the Dubai trip? Are u a prophet?
    Leave those people to enjoy their love life, whether short or long, it’s theirs. And bdw, it’s their tears too. 😊

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