While appearing on Spark TV’s Mwasuze Mutya show, talented singer, Kawuma Ivan alias Qute Kaye narrated his ordeal of how he was influenced by peer pressure to start using drugs, something that almost cost him his life.

The ‘Ginkeese’ singer, who revealed that he would rather hang than do drugs again explained that he started abusing drugs after learning from some of the employees they had hired to join their band to work on some musical projects.

In the due process, he got curious and also decided to join their click and eventually requested to try and taste the substances his colleagues were using.

I was working on a project with my band and we decided to employ more people. Among the new employees, there were some who used to use drugs and I was influenced by peer pressure. It is not good to be curious about things you don’t know.

Qute Kaye

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Qute Kaye went ahead to share how getting addicted to drugs causes violence in society, as he reasoned that drug addicts can or will always do anything/ commit crimes just to earn money to buy the toxic substances so that they can feed their heart’s desires.

On Qute Kaye’s return from rehab, he opened up a charity organization known as ‘Another Chance Foundation’, with a few of his close friends, one that sensitizes the public against the use of drugs.

Addiction is the root cause of violence in society because drug addicts will commit crimes just to earn money to get their fix. A person that is sick needs help, not condemnation and that’s what we do as Another Chance Foundation.

Qute Kaye

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