Despite the growing rumors indicating how Sheilah Gashumba and singer Rickman are in a solid relationship, both have kept the cards close to their chests.

In October 2019, there was big drama when Rickman’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Isimbi allegedly stole God’s Plan from Sheilah Gashumba.

The story took several twists and turns before God’s Plan eventually pledging allegiance to his lover Gashumba and leaving Amanda in the middle of nowhere.

In August 2020, Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan, real name Ali Marcus Lwanga, fell out and their relationship had never stabilised until they decided to call it off officially at the start of April.

Their fall out was as bitter as it could’ve been and Sheilah reached and extent of covering a tattoo of God’s Plan that she had on her back with large wings in a shape of a broken heart.

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“Who did Sheilah move on with?” That has been the question frequently asked in the past couple of weeks.

Last week, there were several rumors that tried to answer the question with allegations that Sheilah had moved on with Swedish-based footballer and singer Rickman Manrick.

According to Galaxy FM, Rickman and Sheilah were seen locking lips at a renown hangout near Acacia Mall a few days after confirming her split with God’s Plan.


Snapchat content has as well pointed towards Sheilah and Rickman being an item as they are always in company of each other.

The former TV personality is, however, fed up of the attention she is being given. Through a Tweet, Sheilah Gashumba told gossipers to respect her privacy.

The sneak videos and pics need to stop. Can a girl have some time in a Restuarant or chill time without people doing the most ffs.

Sheilah Gashumba

Both Rickman and Sheilah have declined commenting on whether they are romantically together and officially a couple.

Close friends have also left hints on a possible relationship between the young celebrities despite their silence.

Could it be a matter of revenge on Sheilah’s side if we throw the Amanda – God’s Plan saga in the mix? Maybe, maybe not. Time always tells though, doesn’t it.

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