Todate, the real names of the three boys who have been re-branded ‘Muwunya’ are not yet known to many but Alex Mukulu and Bruno K have shared the spoils with criticism and praise coming in equal share.

“You stink. You didn’t allow me to watch your dance tricks because you’re stinking.” Such were the words of Alex Mukulu towards The Real Dance Crew boys dance group during the ‘Yolesa Ekitone’ talent search show.

The celebrated Playwriter and veteran singer went ahead to prescribe herbs for the boys as he advised them to work on their body odour before returning to let their talent shine.

The clip went viral and caused an uproar on social media with several people giving their opinions; some slandering Mukulu and his co-judges, and others applauding their “tough love”.

Renown media personality and comedian Patrick Salvado was quick to clap for Alex Mukulu saying that everyone needs such a blatantly honest person in their circles to tell them the truth regardless of how it makes them feel.

But these young boys – dressed the most modestly – probably saw a golden chance to stomp the yard and showcase their talent regardless of their appearance.

Of course, from now on they may never “stink” like they were accused to ever again. They took the lesson, as bitter as it might have been passed onto them.

But was Alex Mukulu right with the way he delivered his message?

I think not. Obviously, it’s such a pain for a grown-up to have body odour and according to veteran Actor Philip Luswata, “If you go public with your bad scent, he who wishes you well should let you know in your chosen public.”

“It was a talent show, not a beauty contest,” argues a tweep who goes on to note that had the requirements of the talent show hinted on smelling good, there’s no way these boys would have showed up in the manner that they did. How did they even make it to the floor of the auditions?

Mukulu acted with immaturity, or uncontrollably lots of it, and cared the least about the harsh means he used to dish out his advice at the expense of the humiliation that the boys might take forever to outgrow.

On live TV, a show that is being watched by thousands of Ugandans (and now millions around the region we can imagine), the boys would have appreciated the advice if given off set.

Judge their talent on air, and their hygiene off it…backstage maybe. They would still get the message, wouldn’t they? What is tough love (if it was so anyway) if all they walked away with was their heads hung in shame.

The words of Alex Mukulu were not wrong. Not at all. But WHERE and HOW he said them was. For the young boys only trying to develop their talents, it must have left a dent of self-doubt and a big puncture in their confidence.

It takes a fellow young man to relate with the shame that the young boys were put through amongst their peers and future fans, and singer Bruno K has taken it upon himself to pull the boys out of the deep dark hole they were plunged into.

Through social media, Bruno K has decided to save the day. So far he has been able to fundraise for new clothes, perfumes, new haircuts, and so much more for the boys.

Hon. Zaake Francis Butebi, a Member of Parliament for the Mityana Municipality has also started a hunt for the boys and promises to take them for lunch at the Parliament.

So many other Ugandans have been able to send whatever they can; materialistic and words of hope, to the boys as a way of rebuilding their confidence.

All these gestures are only a way of showing how Mukulu’s comments could have negatively affected these boys and the public is taking collective responsibility to show what should have been done and how.

A blessing in disguise? Of course it is but one you would do away with of your could because it’s a stain that can never be washed clean.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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