In the recent past couple of weeks, singer Desire Luzinda was down and not feeling well due to a strange illness that attacked her and made her lose appetite on top of feeling weak.

The singer who is on course to total recovery has narrated how the sickness started as something easy but on day two, the situation worsened.

She started feeling completely out of energy and struggled to eat. When she went to the hospital for a check-up, all the results turned out negative but sh was given some medicine and doctor’s advice to follow so that she could feel better.

Desire Luzinda went on to reveal that in the second week, things got worse. She got dehydrated even when she was taking plenty of fluids.

However, the good news now is that she is back on her feet and feeling much better:

For 2 weeks I have been really sick that for the first time in my life I got scared because it was extremely unusual.

I was having my max of 8hrs of sleep and living normal and just one morning I woke up feeling sick. I thought to myself maybe I need a holiday lol I started planning to take some time off. Day 2 I got worse. My body feeling completely out of energy and me struggling to eat, things got serious. All tests came back negative but I was feeling weaker and weaker with no appetite.

As days were going by, someone sent me a text telling me she was so sick I should send her money. I was probably in a much worse state but oh well, I sent what I could and prayed for her.

The second week came, I was feeling worse. I was so dehydrated even when I thought I was taking enough water, I wonder how much water is enough. I grew weaker but the main reason am writing this is to let you know that someone asked for money because they were not feeling fine and just because I never announced what I was going through they thought all was well with me.

Desire Luzinda

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